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H. E. L. L. O.

"Help Everyone Learn to Love Others"

Open your Heart to Love.

Love our Children

and All Peoples of the World.

Be Love, Teach Love, Light the Flame of Love

and Heal the Earth.

After much reflection on my own life experience, and the lives of so many children

who are left standing alone without guidance,

my personal quest to assist others in healing the pain of not being heard, understood, supported,
validated and loved as children, has been strengthened.

It has become an urgency to spread Love throughout the World, so that our Children have a chance
for a bright future, filled with love, joy, laughter, and an opportunity for success.

We must pull together as a Brotherhood and work together to create Peace on our Earth,

among all People, of all Nations. We must stop the violence in the world we live in, which promotes
drug and alcohol abuse, gang violence, domestic violence, child abuse and war.

"The most important things in Life are Love, Kindness and Forgiveness"

-My Father, Lennart Appelqvist

Mother Theresa said "If we teach Love at home, it will soon spread from house to house in our
neighborhoods and then, throughout the World."

H.E.L.L.O. is my contribution to the World to promote Peace and Love and to...

Help Everyone Learn to Love Others.

This design was inspired by Children of Abuse and Neglect who have become so prevalent in our World. AngelHeart & Co. donates a percentage of sales to benefit those in need.

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